What is Corsa?

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Corsa is a Dutch Document Management product created by BCT. It is mainly used by government organisations to register all kind of matters and process them. An example client is the police which uses Corsa to register, for example, complaints from citizens on actions taken by the police. Documents related to these complaints are scanned and a dossier or case is created. The documents created in Corsa are attached to a poststuk which holds the information of the client. The poststuk is then processed by an employee at the police and follows the complaints process.

Corsa modules

Corsa consists of a base product to register and process poststukken and several other modules which can be added.

The available modules:

  • Poststuk - a poststuk contains 0 or more documents. It can be part of 0 or more dossiers, cases and agenda's. Poststukken are processed by corsa users following the process attached to the poststuk.
  • Arch - another word would be dossiers.
  • Case
  • Who - contains information on persons and organizations.
  • Agenda
  • Bieb - a library where subscriptions, books, magazines,etc. are managed

Furthermore, there is a separate application called MyCorsa, which is a user working environment.

Backend and GUI

The backend of Corsa is a relational database which can be of several vendors. So far we have seen Oracle, MSSQL and OpenEdge databases. The structure of the database tables seems to differ a little per installation we have found, however, for migrations the columns that are used are the same. Documents in Corsa are managed by the Corsa Document Server. They are stored on a fileshare with hashed (hexadecimal) paths. The Document Server can be configured for PDF and OCR creation.

The GUI can be fully customized, but this is done in a generic way through table OBJ_KENM. Each non-standard metadata field is inserted in that table and can be positioned anywhere in the registration details of each item.