This document introduces the OpenText Content Server and the content types that are available in this system. Designed to manage business documents and other types of enterprise content, this foundation tool provides full text search, metadata search and metadata categorization, version control, configurable taxonomy, security control, audit trails, multi-lingual attributes, members information. The Content Server has built in a powerful navigation feature set. Except for metadata and full text search, it also supports faceted search by means of Content Filters. For example, one can filter on content type (Document, Folder, Category), document type (Office, Images), modified date, owner and others.

OpenText content server

 OpenText Content Server interface - Filtering Content

The OpenText Content Server offers a documented REST API that can be used to interact with the system. As such, content can be extracted and used in other applications. 

Another useful Content Server feature is the Content Reporting. With the help of LiveReports, users can retrieve information regarding permissions, audit trails, attributes, users and groups and provide an overview of this information per department or per industry.   

Content Types

Being a powerful document management system, the OpenText Content Server is able to manage and control different kinds of content types. Starting with simple and compound documents, simple and virtual folders, categories and projects, the Content Server accommodates also social and collaborative items such as: discussions, task lists and collections as well as reporting and survey features such as: web reports, live reports and forms.

The most common content type in the Content Server is the document. Every document contains basic information related to when and who has created the document, when it was modified and by whom, the size of the document.    

Content Types OT Content Server

OpenText Content Server - General Document Metadata

However, for some documents the basic metadata is not enough to include all the relevant information that represents the document. For that case, the OpenText Content Server offers a special content type that can be used for attaching additional metadata. This out of the box, custom metadata can be specified in categories by adding attributes for different metadata fields. Attributes can be of different types: date, integer, text, user.

OpenText Content Server category with attributes

OpenText Content Server - Category with attributes

The OpenText Content Server contains a series of content types that are normally meant for usage inside OpenText. One such example is the Channel. Even though the Channel cannot be migrated and used as is into a different system, still its content can be extracted and transformed to accommodate similar content types in different systems. For example, one could implement the Channel from OpenText as an Announcements List in SharePoint.      

OpenText CS Channel Example

OpenText Content Server - Channel Example